The IWGSC started its webinar series in 2020 to provide educational webinars to the wheat community worldwide.

All webinar recordings are available on the IWGSC YouTube channel.

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On 17 October 2024, the IWGSC will organize a webinar in which Ive De Smet (VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, BE) will talk about "Comparative wheat phosphoproteome profiling pinpoints high temperature-associated breeding markers"
On 29 August 2024, the IWGSC will organize a webinar in which Rimsha Ashraf (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SE) will talk about "Identification, Characterization and Combination of Novel Resistance Genes Against Rust in Wheat"
Presenter: Sandip Kale (Aarhus University, DK) | Date live event: 20 June 2024
Presenter: Taner Sen (USDA-ARS, USA) | Date live event: 4 April 2024
Presenter: Uli Schurr, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany | Date live event: 13 March 2024 | Organized in collaboration with the Phytobiomes Alliance
On 29 February 2024, Kellye Eversole and Rolanda Young had a conversation with Camellia Moses Okpodu on her experience as a woman in STEM, the challenges she faced through her career and how she overcame them through Passion, Purpose, and Persistence.
Presented by Andy Chen, John Innes Centre, UK | Date live event: 7 December 2023
Presenters: Guotai Yu and Yajun Wang (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) | Date live event: 5 October 2023
Presenter: Andrea Gonzalez (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) | Date live event: 13 July 2023
Presenter: Scott Boden (University of Adelaide, Australia) | Date live event: 7 June 2023
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