Annotation Project

Annotation Project

The IWGSC Wheat Genome Annotation project aims to identify and assign positions in the Chinese Spring reference bread wheat sequence to important features, including genes, splice variants, pseudogenes, transposable elements, small RNAs and regulatory elements.

Project team

Leader: Rudi Appels, Murdoch University, Australia

Team Members:

  • Frédéric Choulet, INRAE-GDEC, France
  • Hélène Rimbert, INRAE-GDEC, France
  • Michael Alaux, INRAE-URGI, France

Rudi Appels serves as the overall strategic leader of the Annotation Project, while Frédéric Choulet and Hélène Rimbert are in charge of updating the reference sequence, including the manual and functional annotation and serve as the “gatekeepers” of the official annotation and releases. Michael Alaux leads activities relating to hosting all data resources.

Gene Family Analysis teams

  • NBS‐LRR gene family - Burkhard Steuernagel
  • Wall‐associated kinases - Kostya Kanyuka
  • Grain quality genes - Rudi Appels
  • Amino acid transporters - Rob King
  • Manual annotation of ABA dependent and independent gene(s) and autophagy gene(s) - Hikmet Budak
  • MAPK to MAPKKK - Song Weining
  • Dehydrins and Aquaporins - Pilar Hernandez and Sergio Galvez Rojas
  • MADS-box genes - Rainer Melzer
  • TUBBY transcription factor genes - Christos Noutsos

Send us your manually and functionally annotated genes for future annotation releases

The annotation of the IWGSC Chinese Spring RefSeq is in continuous improvement.

If your team works on a specific gene family, we can integrate your expert annotation into future releases.

Simply provide a proper GFF file of your favorite genes and a short description of your dataset to INRAE GDEC contacts: frederic.choulet[at] and helene.rimbert[at] They will then come back to you and make sure your contribution is taken into account into the next release.

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