PAG Asia 2016

PAG Asia 2016

The IWGSC organized one workshop at PAG Asia 2016.

The IWGSC has led the effort to develop a reference sequence of the large (17Gb), complex (hexaploid), bread wheat genome and the workshop continues the well-established practise of presentations and discussions of chromosome-based and whole genome projects. In addition the workshop includes presentations of new technologies or resources from sequencing projects dealing with species closely related to wheat or progenitors as well as technologies that may be of use to wheat genome sequencing or the application of genomic tools/resources. This workshop aims to highlight the advances made in sequencing and analysing the complex genome of wheat and the opportunities that are emerging for wheat improvement.

Organizers: Kellye Eversole and Rudi Appels


10:30 am: Gil Ronen, NRGene. Assembling the complex wheat genome. Abstract

10:50 am: Etienne Paux, INRA GDEC. Structural variations of the hexaploid wheat chromosomes 3B. Abstract

11:10 am: Elena Salina, Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS. Step by step analysis of wheat chromosome 5B: new data. Abstract

11:30 am: Ming-Cheng Luo, Department of Plant Sciences, University of California. Whole genome assembly validation with BioNano genome map. Abstract

11:50 am: Rudi Appels, Murdoch University. The assembly and analysis of wheat chromosome 7A. Abstract

12:10 am: Rudi Appels, Murdoch University. Manual annotation of the wheat genome (group discussion)

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