PAG Asia 2015

PAG Asia 2015

The IWGSC organized one workshop at PAG Asia 2015

The availability of draft genome sequences and the continuing efforts to produce high quality reference sequences for each of the 42 chromosome arms of bread wheat are now generating new opportunities in wheat research. This workshop aims to highlight the advances in analysing the complex genome of wheat and the opportunities that are emerging for wheat improvement.

Organizer: Rudi Appels


1:00 pm: Hong-Qing Ling, Institute of genetics and developmental biology, CAS. Update on the A Genome (Triticum urartu) Structure-Function Analysis. Abstract

1:20 pm: Jizeng Jia, CAS. Genome Level Studies on the D Genome of Wheat. Abstract

1:40 pm: Johan T Nystrom-Persson, Murdoch University. Tritigate: Accessible Web-Based Analysis of the Wheat Transcriptome. Abstract

2:00 pm: Elena Salina, Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS. Towards the Reference Sequence of Chromosome 5B of Bread Wheat Triticum aestivum. Abstract

2:20 pm: Song Weining, Northwest A&F University. Genome Assembly of 7DL. Abstract

2:40 pm: Kuldeep Singh, Punjab Agricultural University. Chromosome 2A of Wheat. Abstract

3:00 pm: Hirokazu Handa, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences. BAC-Based Sequencing of Bread Wheat Chromosome 6B and and its Application to the Study for the Region of Agronomic Importance. Abstract

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