IWGSC workshop at PAG Asia 2022

IWGSC workshop at PAG Asia 2022

The IWGSC has led the effort to develop a high quality, reference sequence of the large, complex (hexaploid), bread wheat genome: IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 and most recently IWGSC RefSeq v2.1 and annotation v2.1. This year's workshop will include presentations highlighting advances that have been made possible by the completion of the reference sequence and other genomic resources for wheat.

Organizers: Rudi Appels, Yijing Zhang and Kellye Eversole


Times are in China Standard Time Zone (GMT+8)

11:15am: Welcoming Remarks

11:20am: Yijing Zhang, Fudan University. Interaction between Wheat Cis- and Trans-Factors in Shaping Regulatory Networks

11:35am: Qingxin Song, Nanjing Agricultural University. Open Chromatin Interaction Maps Reveal Functional Regulatory Elements and Chromatin Architecture Variations during Wheat Evolution

12:15pm: Fei Lu, Inst.Genetics & Dev. Biology, CAS Beijing. Population Genomics Unravels the Holocene History of Triticum-Aegilops Species

12:20pm: Xueyong Zhang, CAS Beijing. Wheat Genetic Diversity Explored through Genomic Approaches

12:40pm: Awais Rasheed, Quaid-i-Azam University. Diagnostic and Dissection Platforms for Functional Genes in Wheat Applied Breeding


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