IWGSC workshop at PAG Asia 2019

IWGSC workshop at PAG Asia 2019

The reference genome now provides a template to integrate the outputs from the many wheat genome sequences and functional gene studies/projects on-going globally. The workshop will examine advances in functional annotation of regions in the reference genome sequence not covered in the January workshop in San Diego and will include gap closure as well as the functional annotation of the gene space. Generally, the agronomically important regions in controlling grain attributes and responses to environmental changes will be targeted in the context of translating research findings to applied outcomes such as application in breeding. In addition, the workshop will seek to identify studies utilizing model systems such as Arabidopsis and rice to add value to understanding genes in wheat. Validating changes to the annotation of new gene models especially in relation to regular updates of genome coordinates to EnsemblPlant, as details of gene families in the assembly are completed, will be considered.

Organizers: Rudi Appels, Kellye Eversole and Etienne Paux


11:15am: Jiang Yu, CSIRO. Frequent Intra- and Inter-Species Introgression Shape the Landscape of Genetic Variation in Bread Wheat Animal.

11:32am: Shun Sakuma, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences. Enhancing Grain Yield by Improving Floret Fertility in Wheat. Abstract

11:49am: Nikolai Borisjuk, University of Adelaide. Control of Wheat Leaf Surface Structure Under Limited Water Conditions. Abstract

12:06pm: Huixian Zhao, Northwest A & F University. Controlling Grain Size in Wheat.

12:23pm:Xianchun Xia, CAAS. Capture the New Genome Technologies for Wheat Breeding - Abstract

12:40pm: Parwinder Kaur, University of Western Australia. The Wheat Cell Atlas (WCA) for a New View of the Wheat Plant. Abstract

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