IWGSC workshop at PAG Asia 2019

IWGSC workshop at PAG Asia 2018: Wheat Genomics in Agriculture: Building on IWGSC RefSeq v1.0

Technological breakthroughs have enabled the bread wheat genome – for a long time considered intractable due to its size (more than 5x the size of the human genome) and high repeat content – to be assembled by a number of groups employing a variety of approaches. The availability of multiple assemblies of the same genome, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, presents a challenge for end users. The IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 genome assembly now provides a point of reference for deciphering the wheat genotype-phenotype interface in agriculture and to continue the process of adapting wheat to a changing agricultural environment. In this workshop we cover issues in genome assembly that are still outstanding, the interpretation of the transcriptome with special reference to tissue-specific expression of homoeologous genes, and presentations of case studies in wheat development.

Organizers: Rudi Appels and Kellye Eversole


2:00 pm: Song Weining, Northwest A&F University. Comparative Analysis of Ta7DL and Ae7DL Chromosome Provides Insights into the Structure and Evolution of Bread Wheat

2:20 pm: Philippa Borrill, John Innes Centre. Variation in Homoeolog Expression in Wheat. Abstract

2:40 pm: Long Mao, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Wheat Inflorescence Transcriptomes: From Development to Yield

3:00 pm: Huixian Zhao, Northwest A & F University. Global Transcriptome Analysis Uncovers the Gene Co-Expression Regulation Network and Key Genes Involved in Grain Development of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

3:20 pm: Xigang Liu, Center for Agricultural Research Resources. New Insights on the GA Signaling in C3 and C4 Plants. Abstract

3:40 pm: Meng Ma, Northwest A & F University. Roles of TaCYP78As in Wheat Grain Size. Abstract

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