IWGSC Workshop at PAG 2022

IWGSC Workshop at PAG 2022

The IWGSC has led the effort to develop a high quality, reference sequence of the large, complex (hexaploid), bread wheat genome: IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 and most recently IWGSC RefSeq v2.1 and annotation v2.1. This year's workshop will include presentations highlighting some of the significant advances in wheat genomics. As usual, the workshop also includes the IWGSC Early Career Award and travel stipend recipient with this year’s talk which is given to a young scientist nominated by anyone in the wheat community and selected by the IWGSC leadership in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Organizers: Hikmet Budak and Kellye Eversole


8:00 am: Kellye Eversole, Welcoming remarks. Slides

8:10 am: Ella Taagen, Cornell University. Challenges and Opportunities in Positional Cloning and Structural Variation in Polyploid Crops. Abstract - Slides

8:30 am: Michael Hammond-Kosack, Rothamsted Research. Exploring the Diversity of Promoter and 5’UTR Sequences in Ancestral, Historic and Modern Wheat. Abstract - Slides

8:50 am: Sanu Arora, John Innes Centre. Past Evolution and Future Enrichment of the Bread Wheat D-Subgenome from Aegilops tauschii. Abstract - Slides

9:10 am: Miguel Angel Raffo, Aarhus University. Improvement of Genomic Prediction in Advanced Wheat Breeding Lines By Including Additive-By-Additive Epistasis. Abstract - Slides

9:30 am: Katherine Running, North Dakota State University. Exploitation of Wheat Genomic Resources and Collaborations to Rapidly Clone Multiple Disease Susceptibility Genes. Abstract - Slides

9:50 am: Akshaya Vasudevan, University of Ottawa and Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. Gene Expression Dynamics upon Allopolyploidization: Global Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Large-Scale Repression of the ‘D’ Subgenome in Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat. Abstract - Slides

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