IWGSC technical workshop at PAG 2022

IWGSC From Structural to Functional Wheat Genomics Workshop at PAG 2022

The workshop will examine advances in structural and functional genomics, wheat genomic resources, and manual and functional annotation of the IWGSC reference genome sequence (IWGSC RefSeq v2.1). The IWGSC phase II strategy, post the release of the wheat reference genome,includes developing a pipeline for community generated manual and functional annotation, as well as periodic annotation releases by the IWGSC.

Organizers: Kellye Eversole and Dusti Gallagher


1:30 pm: Dusti Gallagher, Introduction - Slides

1:40 pm: Patrycja Nina Sokolowska, Rothamsted Research. Mining the Watkins Collection for Improved Wheat Architecture Alleles. Abstract - Slides

2:00 pm: Harmeet Singh Chawla, University of Saskatchewan. Benchmarking Long-Read Sequencing Technologies for Assembling a Complex Polyploid Genome. Abstract

2:20 pm: Lise Pingault, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Characterizing Wheat Defense Mechanisms Against Wheat Curl Mite Infestation. Abstract

2:40 pm: Neha Vaid, University of Calgary. Genomics Driven Development of Drought Tolerant Wheat Cultivars. Abstract - Slides

3:00 pm: Victoria Carollo Blake, USDA ARS WRRC. Graingenes. Improved Blast Services and Genome Browsers to Navigate IWGSC Data. Abstract - Slides

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