IWGSC Standard & Protocols workshop at PAG 2018

IWGSC Standard & Protocols workshop at PAG 2018

The workshop focused on the annotation and curation of the hexaploid bread wheat reference genome sequence.

Organizers: Jane Rogers, Frédéric Choulet and Kellye Eversole


1:30 pm: Jane Loveland, European Bioinformatics Institute. Can We Apply Lessons Learned from Manual Gene Annotation in Human and Mouse to Wheat? Abstract - Slides

2:00 pm: Rudi Appels, Murdoch University. Getting to the Finishing Line: Integrating Optical and Physical Mapping for Megabase-Scale Resolution and Correct Annotation of Wheat Chromosome 7A. Abstract

2:30 pm: Fred Van Ex, Bayer CropScience. Deep Learning Methods for Understanding Wheat Genomics Data. Abstract - Slides

3:00 pm: Romain De Oliveira, INRA GDEC. Deciphering Structural Variations in the Wheat Genome Using Resequencing Data. Abstract

3:20 pm: Burkhard Steuernagel, John Innes Centre. The Intracellular Immune Receptor Repertoire of Wheat. Abstract - Slides

3:40 pm: Michael Alaux, INRA URGI. The Iwgsc Data Repository and Wheat Data Resources Hosted at Urgi: Overview and Perspectives. Abstract - Slides

4:00 pm: Frédéric Choulet, INRA GDEC. Updating the Iwgsc Refseq Genome Sequence and Annotation - a Discussion.

4:40 pm: Kellye Eversole, IWGSC. Iwgsc Phase II: What's Next for the IWGSC. Abstract - Slides

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